What is artificial hedge boxwood?

Artificial hedge usually means Artificial boxwood hedge or artificial hedge boxwood. Artificial hedge is the use of high simulation plant layout of the wall, it uses the similarity between high simulation plants and real plants to achieve the effect similar to the real plant wall or the effect that real plants cannot achieve, to meet the people’s pursuit of natural effects. According to different environmental requirements, people design a different shape, high and low scattered, harmonious environment of the wall modeling, after careful design can achieve the effect of false. Artificial hedge does not need maintenance, the effect is durable, easy to express, the design effect is distinct, the cost is low, the effect changes. The product comes with a zipper strap and a snap lock mechanism to easily secure the panel to any desired position.

artificial hedge wall

Product function

Artificial boxwood hedge has the function of separating space and decoration. Applications of these greenery panels include privacy screens or partitions in your patio, porch, courtyard, photographic background, and more. When it plays the role of isolating space, the physical position of the room or space has not changed, but the relationship between people and between people and space has changed, creating more possibilities. When it plays the role of decoration, it can make the space full of vitality, make people feel the beauty of life, and add more fun to your life. This product can be used for multi scene layout, and can be used with peripheral furnishings, buildings, scenery, etc.

use of hedge wall outdoors

Product features

1、UV protection: it can effectively prevent UV

2、Windproof: there are different specifications for indoor and outdoor, which can be windproof. The maximum wind level that can be withstood is 7 Beaufort (28 ~ 33 miles / h). We have two products for you to choose: non windproof and windproof.

a windproof artificial hedge
windproof artificial hedge

3、Snow proof: our products can withstand the weight of snow up to one meter (100cm) thick. If there is more snow, it needs to be cleaned up in time.



4、Rainproof: the upgraded product is designed with two drainage holes under the long side of the planter box base to prevent ponding. When the rainfall of the day is 25 ~ 50mm, it can be discharged automatically. When the rainfall is too heavy, you need to check whether the accumulated water has been discharged in time. If not, you can carry out manual assistance.

a planter box

5、Fire protection: in normal use environment, without the use of open fire, this product outdoor high temperature up to 70°C (158°F), low temperature up to minus 20°C (-4°F). In addition, do not place this product near high temperature objects, once the temperature is too high, the grass will melt but will not burn, can effectively block fire.

6、Anti-light transmittance: when used outdoors, this product has good anti light transmittance. Due to extrusion during transportation, in order to achieve the expected effect, the turf can be taken to the outdoor sun to dry before assembly and use, which can make the turf rebound. Or use a hair dryer to rebound the turf.

7、Anti-moth, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, mildew proof, acid and alkali resistant, non cracking, not easy to deform, environmental protection and no pollution.

8、The simulated plant wall needs no maintenance and has a lasting effect.

9、No space restrictions, basic any space can be constructed.

10、Compared with living plant wall, the cost is low.

11、The base of planter box is made of stainless steel, powder sprayed, double rust prevention and intact packaging. The base is beautiful and firm, and the integrity is more coordinated.

12、Simple assembly, easy assembly in about 15 minutes, and very simple disassembly.

Product material

If you want your life or business philosophy to convey a low-carbon, environment-friendly and green concept, the high simulation green plant wall is undoubtedly the best choice. It has a highly simulated visual enjoyment, achieves a vibrant and vigorous attitude, and does not need watering and pruning all year round. Hedge walls are made of plastic and stainless steel. The planter box is made of 201 stainless steel, the outer surface is powder sprayed, the stainless steel on the upper layer is waterproof, rust proof and UV resistant, and the turf is plastic. This artificial hedge boxwood in planter wall is made of only two materials, stainless steel and plastic. We design it as a long lifespan product. 20 years warranty lifespan for indoor and >5 years for outdoor. The boxwood of the hedge is UV resistant and almost no fading outside in 3 years. 

So it is safe and can be used both for indoor and outdoor. You can enjoy the high-quality service by artificial hedge all year round. Adaptive temperature :-98℉~212℉. So it adapt to any season, even in the dead of winter. And it is water proof also. The turf of artificial hedge is LDPE turf

The shape of the simulated the boxwood grass is exquisite and realistic, and every detail shows the quality. The leaves are bright and three-dimensional. The leaves are UV resistant, resistant to high temperature irradiation and not easy to fade. The stem of the leaf has toughness and resilience, and the grass leaf and grass column are clean and neat without burrs.

the planter box is made of 201 stainless steel
the planter box is made of 201 stainless steel
the LDPE turf
the LDPE turf

Application places

Artificial hedge boxwood  adopt high simulation plants, and adopt different fixation methods flexibly according to the site conditions, to fix the plants in the desired position. Due to the high degree of plant imitation, and not limited by the plant growth environment, you can freely play the creation, in any place can make you expect the effect.


1、Balcony: placed on the balcony, it can not only effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, but also add ornamental green plants to the room.

a hedge on the balcony
a hedge on the balcony
a hedge on the balcony

2、Courtyard: If you have some sundries in your courtyard, or some exposed machinery and equipment need to be sheltered, the simulated plant wall is absolutely the best choice. Why not turn your yard into a private place to relax and talk?

a hedge in the courtyard
a hedge in the courtyard
a hedge in the courtyard

3、Indoor restaurant: most restaurants focus on green plants, and placing a large number of real green plants will attract mosquitoes and should not be maintained. Using the green background wall of the hedge wall can coordinate the tone offset of the whole dining area and correctly balance the tone and lighting. It brings a pleasant and fresh atmosphere to the whole space and endows it with unique personality. In addition, green reminds us of the most charming side of nature.


a hedge in indoor restaurant
a hedge in indoor restaurant
the hedge wall is used as a background board

4、Background wall of show、exhibition and press conference: if you need to arrange an exhibition, whether the protagonist is a person or a car, a whole simulated background wall can help you set the theme and tone, and you can also arrange the font you need on it.

5、Office: partition can be made in the office area, which can not only protect the privacy of employees, but also increase the landscape layout of the office.

6、Family champagne rack: you can create a champagne rack with personal characteristics.


1、Beside the swimming pool: the artificial hedge can be used as a partition beside the swimming pool. It can not only be used as a landscape, but also play a role in protecting privacy.


the hedge beside the swimming pool
the hedge beside the swimming pool
the hedge beside the swimming pool
the hedge beside the swimming pool

2、Wedding scene: when the wedding is held outdoors, the simulated plant wall can create a unique background board for the couple. With white gauze and flowers, it melts into nature. After the wedding ceremony, if you want to have a warm wedding party with your friends, the simulated plant wall can still meet your wishes.

the hedge wall is used as the background board of the wedding site
the hedge wall is used as the background board of the wedding site

3、Birthday party: when holding a birthday party for children, a simulated plant wall not only adds a natural flavor, but also can be arranged according to your wishes, adding hanging lights, cards, colored lights, etc., which is full of childlike innocence and fun.

the hedge wall is used as the background board for the birthday party

4、Outdoor flower bed: if you run a shop and put a hedge on the street outside the shop, it will also become a sign and highlight of your shop.

outdoor flower bed
outdoor flower bed

5、Outdoor restaurant: if you run an outdoor restaurant, you can choose the hedge wall in order to give customers a better dining experience.

the hedge wall in outdoor restaurant
outdoor restaurant

6、Outside the garage: put some hedges outside your garage, which can make a partition from your neighbor’s location without affecting your friendly relationship with your neighbor’s house.

outside the garage

7、Hospital: the large area of white in the hospital just needs a green buffer. In the restless environment of the hospital, green can make people feel comfortable. The hedge wall avoids the problem that the plant itself will produce pollen, powder particles, thorns and poisons, and better ensures the safety of patients.

In addition, hedges can also be used in bank, campus, airport, park, square, river course, station, auditorium, supermarket, dessert shop, library, exhibition hall, commercial street, community courtyard, clothing store display windows and other occasions, which not only beautify the environment, but also last for a long time.

Product size

48 Series





38 Series

38″W X48″HX14″D



How to select dimensions

We provide you with some selection suggestions, not fixed size. You can choose different sizes according to your actual needs.

Courtyard: If you want to use it in the courtyard, it is not recommended that you choose a hedge wall that is too high to prevent the wind from blowing it down. You can choose 64_ Height * 48_ Wide * 14_ Deep or 79_ Height * 48_ Wide * 14_ Deep。

Commercial: if you want to use it in the office area and want to have private space while sitting, you can choose 64_ Height * 48_ Wide * 14_ Deep or 79_ Height * 48_ Wide * 14_ Deep; If you want to have privacy while standing, you can choose 79_ Height * 48_ Wide * 14_ Deep or 96_ Height * 48_ Wide * 14_ Deep or 95_ Height * 38_ Wide * 14_ Deep.

Outdoor flower bed: If you want to use it outside the store to create an outdoor flower bed, you can choose a shorter hedge wall, such as 33_ Height * 48_ Wide * 14_ Deep。

Of course, if you have to choose a higher hedge wall, but you are worried that it will fall, you can install a ground anchor below, which will make it stronger.

Product accessories

1、Installation guide

2、A square

3、One bolt driver



6、A pair of gloves

7、Spare boxwood

8、Plastic connector

9、Metal connector

10、 Wheels: the wheels of the planter box are industrial grade 304 stainless steel. They are not rusty when used outdoors. Rubber wheels reduce noise, facilitate movement and do not damage the floor.

304 stainless steel

11、Ground anchor: if you buy a product with a large specification or want to fix it in a certain place, you can use the ground anchor to fix it. After drilling on the ground, screw in the screws and install the planter box. However, the ground anchor cannot be removed after installation, which will achieve the effect of firm fixation and can no longer be moved.

12、A bag of spare turf: if the turf falls during installation, you can use the spare turf.

Life span

The life span of artificial hedge  boxwood can reach 3-5 years outdoors and 15-20 years indoors. Kindly remind that the life span also according to using environment.

Points for attention

1、Two kinds of bases with wheels and without wheels can be selected: wheels are optional. Bases without wheels can stand on the ground. Bases with wheels are more convenient to move and have braking function.

2、During installation, please install according to the arrow on the manual. If the installation is reversed, you need to remove it and install it again, which will be troublesome.

3、The planter box is empty. You can add a counterweight board to increase the weight. You can also buy a water bag or put your own heavier items in it to increase the weight.

4、The upgraded product is designed with two drainage holes under the long side of the planter box base for automatic drainage to prevent ponding.

Development trend

The current spread in COVID-19, people often need to be isolated at home, work at home and can’t go out for a long time. The hedge wall can meet your need to watch green at home. At the same time, you can use your imagination to decorate the wall, add vitality to the invariable life, and hold a family party with your family at any time. When you can go out when the epidemic situation permits, you should still comply with the epidemic prevention and control requirements when dining out. The hedge wall is used as the partition between positions, which is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. The hedge wall has both the functions of separating space and decoration, which is an excellent choice.

outdoor restaurant