Fight against COVID-19, artificial boxwood hedge is contributing its strength!


  • What does COVID-19 bring to people?
  • Protective effect of artificial boxwood hedge during COVID-19
    • The high quality of artificial boxwood hedge
    • Protection against COVID-19 cannot be lax
    • COVID-19 gives people’s new thoughts about life

What does COVID-19 bring to people?

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has brought a deep disaster to the world. It has greatly affected people’s life and work, and people have to change their original life style. Under the impact of the COVID-19, the world economy has experienced a deep decline. The more serious injury of COVID-19 brings to people is the death of relatives around them. The daily reports of confirmed cases and deaths in the news are a reminder of how many families are being fallen apart.

Facing COVID-19, people cannot stop fighting and must fight to stay alive every single day. Because of the COVID-19, people should be home quarantine, work at home, study online, wear masks and maintain social distance. Therefore, many times, people are easy to feel anxious and upset.

But on the other hand, the COVID-19 has given people more time to live with their families, communicate with their love, and reconcile with their jobs. With more time at home, how to make the time together more interesting? Artificial boxwood hedge can provide a solution. Experience the joy of assembling together and DIY on it. You can use it to celebrate your family’s birthday and hold a family party.

the hedge wall is used as the background board for the birthday party

Protective effect of artificial boxwood hedge during COVID-19

Two years have passed since the outbreak of the COVID-19, and pandemic prevention and control has become the norm of people’s life. When you go out, you need to wear a mask and keep the distance between people.

You must follow the quarantine requirements when you rest in public areas and eat at outdoor restaurants and cafes. Space between positions is necessary. Covid and similar diseases will be with us for the foreseeable future. Every time you go out, try your best to ensure the safety of the location.

Artificial boxwood hedge can create a safe and effective external space. When it plays the role of isolating space, the physical position of space has not changed, but the relationship between people and between people and space has changed, creating more possibilities.

If you run a shop, it is even more necessary to use artificial boxwood hedge as partitions, which can become a new symbol of the shop. Because it can make your life or business philosophy convey a low-carbon, environment-friendly and green concept, the high simulation green plant wall is undoubtedly the best choice, which will bring people a high simulation visual enjoyment.

outdoor flower bed

The high quality of artificial boxwood hedge

1.Artificial boxwood hedge is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, environmentally-friendly and pollution-free materials are safe for children and pets.

2.LDPE boxwood panel has anti-ultraviolet function and does not support combustion. It is a safe flame retardant material on the market. The shape of boxwood grass is exquisite and realistic, and every detail shows its quality. The leaves are bright and three-dimensional. The leaves are UV resistant, resistant to high temperature irradiation and not easy to fade.

3.At the same time, artificial boxwood hedge is easy to install, maintenance-free.

4.The planter box of artificial boxwood hedge is made of stainless steel, powder coated, double rust prevention, intact packaging, sturdy and durable.

You just use a simple social distance solution to separate yourself from your concerns. The advanced performance of artificial hedge wall has played a great role in the current difficult period of pandemic situation.

artificial hedge wall

Protection against COVID-19 cannot be lax

This is the third winter of COVID-19’s invasion of mankind. The cumulative number of confirmed cases in the world has reached 300 million, with a cumulative death of more than 5.42 million, and these figures are increasing every day. The global pandemic has occurred repeatedly since the outbreak of the global pandemic. Therefore, under the normal pandemic prevention and control, it is particularly important to do a good job in personal protection in public places with large flow of people.

Each country has its own quarantine policy, but people in some areas are resistant to lockdown, so the protection of public areas should not be slackened. It is not very realistic to expect COVID-19 to disappear in the future or return to the pre-epidemic situation completely, but it is possible to revert to the new normal.

Protective measures such as masks and keeping social distance in indoor places and outdoor activities will as the shadow follows the form. Artificial boxwood hedge can play an important role in social distancing, whether it’s eating on the street, drinking coffee outdoors with friends, or trying to make a gap between vehicles and people, artificial boxwood hedge can protect people’s privacy and play the role of isolated space.

artificial hedge wall

COVID-19 gives people’s new thoughts about life

1.The current spread in COVID-19, people often need to be isolated at home, work at home and can’t go out for a long time. Artificial boxwood hedge can meet your need to watch green at home. At the same time, you can use your imagination to decorate the wall, bring fun to the invariable life, and ensure that you don’t miss celebrating any family’s birthday or important festival.

2.When you can go out when the pandemic situation allows, you should still comply with the pandemic prevention and control requirements. Artificial boxwood hedge is used as the partition between positions, which is both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

3.Artificial boxwood hedge has both the functions of separating space and decoration, which is an excellent choice.

4.We don’t know when it will end, but life still goes on. The COVID-19 has brought painful memories, but also positive meanings and thoughts, that is to love life and enjoy life more!

5.Every day is a precious day that will never come back. We should not give up the pursuit of beauty in life and give up going out and refuse to socialize because of the COVID-19.

Fine things make life full of hope, and hope will become a force to support people to stick to it. We hope the artificial boxwood hedge can become a beauty in your life and add fun and security to your indoor and outdoor life. Everyone has responsible for epidemic prevention and control, and artificial boxwood hedge is contributing its strength!