Environmentally-friendly & Green environmental inspiration green wall!

Green is the color of life

Green is everywhere in this world, because green is the color of life, the germination of spring, the lushness of summer, the harvest of autumn and the hope of winter, it is very important to people. With the rapid development of society, environmental pollution is increasing.

With the gradual change of people’s environmental protection ideology, the awareness of environmental protection has become stronger and stronger in recent years. More and more green consumption, green environmental protection, health and pollution-free have become people’s consensus.

At the same time, the simulation of green environmental protection plants also gradually entered people’s life. Both indoor and outdoor can give a person a comfortable, relaxed feeling.

Choose the artificial hedge wall of Artigwall

1.In daily life, the use of living plants needs constant watering and weeding and certain conditions in which to thrive and achieve the effect you want. The use of inspiration green wall, a high-quality product with excellent simulation effect, the look of natural plant leaves. It cannot only be environmentally friendly and pollution-free, but also maintenance-free.

2.The inspiration green wall does not need water to ensure their durability. At the same time, it also has anti-ultraviolet function. It will not fade due to weather or sunlight.

3.100% eco-friendly, it is safe for children and pets. Zero maintenance and high temperature resistance.

4.Turns any ordinary space into a unique and beautiful landscape within a few hours of time.

5.We hope to provide a visually amazing, affordable and durable inspiration green wall. We hope that people will find it around when they want to enjoy fine things. Therefore, when designing and producing products, we expect it to provide more possibilities for people’s life.

6.Easy installation process, real and available case guides, just-in-time supply on demand and perfect after-sales system make the inspiration green wall the best choice for millions of people.

The inspiration green wall produced cannot be considered complete until it is selected to be purchased, becomes a part of your life or work, and plays its role. This is an ideal solution, which cannot only add privacy to people’s courtyards, gardens and other private areas, but also provide more ways to realize green, environmental protection and pollution-free for outdoor places, and add a natural touch to your outdoor space. In case if you are looking for great inspiration green wall, Artigwall’s products are your ultimate solution.

artificial hedge wall

Ensure your health and safety

When you buy anything and food, you expect some level of testing has been done to ensure you and your loved ones are safe. There are many competitors selling artificial hedge walls containing toxic chemicals that may be harmful to your health and safety.

For safety and health considerations, it is very important to choose a trustworthy brand. Artigwall’s products have passed several safety tests, which prove our products are healthy and eco-friendly.

We promise that the quality and safety assurance delivered to you every time is not only harmless to people, but also pollution-free to the environment. More interestingly these maintenance-free inspiration green wall can even be reduced the disadvantages of real green plants and adds a beautiful look to the things you match.

To make the world better, every choice has become the most important thing. The accumulation of every little thing makes environmental protection and pollution-free more meaningful.

The importance of inspiration green wall in green environmental protection industry

1.Compared with real plants, inspiration green wall saves the tedious process of watering, pruning and pest control. It reduces the generation of garbage and saves a lot of time and manpower. It not only implements environmental protection, but also improves the sense of happiness and the overall comfort of the space.

2.The inspiration green wall is cost-effective, the material is environmentally friendly and degradable. It’s also durable and belongs to a long-life product. If you want to have more free time, if you are not good at planting real plants, if you are on a long-term business trip, the inspiration green wall can help you solve these problems, because it is maintenance free, can be recycled and more environmentally friendly.

3.The four seasons of the year are as beautiful as when they first met, and are not restricted by climate, water source, geographical location and other factors. With tenacious vitality, it is the best choice for people who love green and environmental protection.

4.In the past, untreated or poorly treated materials have been a catalyst in multiple structure fires. Untreated plastic foliage has caused flames to grow rapidly, causing burning plastic to rain down, when the burning plastic drips, it will cause toxic smoke to diffuse in the air. But our product – the boxwood of artificial hedge wall is provided by  famous boxwood supplier Sunwing®, it is a very safe leaf in today’s industry. It has safety foliage solution, in line with fire codes and are affordable.

5.The inspiration green wall has excellent quality and can stays green all year-round. The anti-ultraviolet function can guaranteed to last outdoors. The lifelike appearance is enough to meet your needs for green plants. Highly durable and reusable in different areas, more environmentally friendly. Inspiration green wall really are the perfect solution for instantly ‘greening’ your home, office or outdoor areas. From the time you get them they are ready to go.

artificial hedge wall

The inspiration green wall can adjust the tension and fatigue brought by high-speed life, reduce the bad mood of impatience, reduce environmental stress and improve work efficiency. Not limited by the plant growth environment, you can give free play to your creation and create your beloved scenery where you need it.

The maintenance required for the inspiration green wall is only dust removal. If there is dust on it, it can be washed or wiped with clean water and dried without consuming more resources.

If you want to contribute to the cause of green environmental protection, if you love the idea of creating a low-maintenance green wall with the inspiration green wall, welcome to check out on our website, or contact our friendly and technical team for more details. We look forward to serving you!