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hedge wall outdoor ultra

The Artigwall® Boxwood Hedge Outdoor Ultra

  • World first WIND RESISTANT boxwood hedge!
  • Max 7 Beaufort (28~33 mile/h).
  • UV resistant boxwood panel.
  • Realistic boxwood leaves, nearly natural.
  • All season(rain, snow, wind resistant), Adaptive temperature :-98℉~212℉.
  • Water bag(Optional) for counterweight.

New Arrival

Rattan Outdoor Planter Screen

Rattan outdoor planter screen
Rattan outdoor planter screen
boxwood hedge with white flower
boxwood hedge with white flower

New Arrival

Artificial Boxwood Hedge in Planter Box With White Flower

We Design & Produce artificial hedge since 2016

After several iterations and optimizations, our products have achieved a good reputation in North America.

artificial hedge wall
artificial hedge wall

Designed for All season. Weather(UV, Wind, Rain, Snow, Low temperature) resistant.

New Generation Max 7 Beaufort (28~33 mile/h).

Need to remove hedge from planter box frequently?Our solution helps you save more time(only on Generation 3).

Compare boxwood

Artigwall® nearly-natural boxwood.

Obviously Artigwall boxwood is the most similar one as the nature boxwood compared to others.

We designed the mold to make the surface of the boxwood leaves more matte, this is the innovative things we do for the industry.

The real boxwood leaves glitter only if they are with dew on the surface. That’s the key.

Other specifics:

  • UV resistant(SGS certification)
  • 3~5 years life span(top in the market)
  • Transmittance<5%(top in the market)
  • 4 layers of leaves(top in the market)
  • 6 lbs fresh high-density PE material per square meter(top in the market)

More sturdy than what you expected.

What people worry about most for hedge wall? The answer is: Sturdy.

What we do for this can be described as two parts:

  • Hedge
  • Planter

The frame of the hedge is the key. We choose detachable hinges as the frame connection solution, and we designed middle frame layers to fixed quad instability issue.
Also, to enhance the strength of the frames and reduce the weight, we choose the 201 stainless steel as the material of the frames.
The implementation proves that this approach makes the hedges very sturdy.
For planter, we also choose thicker 201 stainless steels as the material, total weight > 22 pounds without weight counterweight.
Also, we choose stainless steel screws to connect the hedge planter panels. Because it’s the no.1 choice when you consider it should be more sturdy and solid.

the planter box is made of 201 stainless steel
casters for hedge wall

One hand to move if you need.

Moving hedge walls from one place to anther become more and more popular in North America.

Our 301 Stainless steel 360 casters with brakes are playing an important role for this function!

You can remove the casters or install them in 1 minutes, switching between with and without casters is also a popular action, all of our planter boxes are with screw nuts default when you buy any series of our hedge walls. You can even use your own casters, just choosing the corresponding screws.

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hedge wall background

What is Artificial Boxwood Hedge?

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall is a 3D wall which is usually used as a wall or fence to make a privacy space or decorate a room.

Most of the hedges in the market come with a planter box, called artificial boxwood hedge in planter. The upper part of the hedge is made of artificial boxwood panels and frames. As we usually use them outdoor, the boxwood should be anti-UV ,  the frame of the hedge should be Rust-Proof.

Besides rust-proof, we should be able to add weight into the planter box, that’s the other important function coming with it.