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artigwall boxwood hedge outdoor ultra


The Artigwall Boxwood Hedge Outdoor Ultra

  • World first WIND RESISTANT boxwood hedge!
  • Max 7 Beaufort (28~33 mile/h).
  • UV resistant boxwood panel.
  • Realistic boxwood leaves, nearly natural.
  • All season(rain, snow, wind resistant), Adaptive temperature :-98℉~212℉.
  • Water bag(Optional) for counterweight.

Artigwall, North America Most Popular Artificial Hedges.

We Design & Produce artificial hedge since 2016

After several iterations and optimizations, our products have achieved a good reputation in North America.

Artigwall Artificial boxwood hedge in planter
Artificial Hedge as fence

Designed for All season. Weather(UV, Wind, Rain, Snow, Low temperature) resistant.

New Generation Max 7 Beaufort (28~33 mile/h).

Popular size of artificial hedges

Artificial boxwood hedge
Size: 48″ W x 14″D x 48″ H
96 inches hedge wall
Size: 48″ W x 14″D x 96″ H

64 inches hedge wall
Size: 48″ W x 14″D x 64″ H
79 inches hedge wall
Size: 48″ W x 14″D x 79″ H

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What is Artificial Boxwood Hedge?

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall is a 3D wall which is usually used as a wall or fence to make a privacy space or decorate a room.

Most of the hedges in the market come with a planter box, called artificial boxwood hedge in planter. The upper part of the hedge is made of artificial boxwood panels and frames. As we usually use them outdoor, the boxwood should be anti-UV ,  the frame of the hedge should be Rust-Proof.

Besides rust-proof, we should be able to add weight into the planter box, that’s the other important function coming with it.