The design & decor ideas of restaurants inspired by the artificial boxwood in 2022

A must for restaurant operators

When people turn on their mobile phones and want to choose a restaurant, how can they search your restaurant among many merchants and decide to choose it? This requires your restaurant to be overwhelmingly attractive, such as the deliciousness of the food, the design and decor of the restaurant, and the variety of functions. It is very important to choose an aesthetic for your restaurant, enhance competitiveness and create highlights. When it comes to dining out, restaurant atmosphere is as important as cooking technology. Unpleasant design will damage the customer’s good experience.

If you want to create a minimalist restaurant atmosphere, consider designing clean lines, choose natural materials and a simple color scheme; if you want to run a seafood restaurant, choose blue and white, balsa wood and shells to let the smell of the sea come to your face. When communicating with the designer, remember to provide the restaurant menu or let the chef express his ideas, because the design of the space should always have a tie to the food delivered to the customer. So, what do you want customers to expect when they walk into your restaurant?

We have listed 8 restaurant design and decor suggestions to help you make decisions so that your potential audience can quickly find the restaurant you run and fall in love with it after coming.

Check out these 8 restaurant design & decor ideas

1.Shop signs.

You can choose to design a shop sign for the restaurant you operate, such as letter lights, pattern design, bold graphics, etc. If done well, such decoration will bring pleasantly surprised and be welcomed. Some old neon signs are always classic, so you can try making signs with symbols, pictures and words to reflect the menu, brand and theme of your restaurant.

Neon signs

2.Dining tables and chairs.

A restaurant that can enhance people’s happiness does not depend on its size, but should pay attention to whether the style of tables and chairs can make the restaurant more warm and make the food look more delicious. As the main body of the whole restaurant, whether indoors or on the street, the choice of dining tables and chairs is the most can reflect the design style of furniture. Rattan, glass, wood, steel – dining tables and chairs of different materials will have different effects with the overall environment of the restaurant. Too high or too low dining tables and chairs are improper choices.Sitting uncomfortable will also affect dining. 

dining tables and chairs


Restaurant lighting mainly plays the role of setting off the atmosphere. It would be better to choose a soft and delicate warm color light source. Lamps shall be consistent with the decoration style as far as possible, simple and beautiful, and shall not affect the visual effect of the space. Of course, if it’s a restaurant full of science fiction or a theme restaurant you can also choose some unique lamps to echo each other. In addition to creating atmosphere, when choosing lighting, we also need to consider energy efficiency, use safety and whether customers can take a good picture of the dishes and dishes on the table. In addition, the best choice of chandelier in the restaurant is 76-91cm away from the desktop, and the color temperature is recommended to be about 3000K, which will create a warmer atmosphere.


4.Classic decor.

Even if it is a menu, a window or a small pendant, as long as it appears in the restaurant you operate, there must be a reason why some objects and shapes become classics. Just like the classic pizza shop with plaid tablecloth, French bistro, Southeast Asian style, Chinese restaurant, etc., it will give people a strong visual impact whenever mentioned, and the classic decoration is representative. So, your restaurant can also add some classic decorations to make it popular.

Classic decor

5.Creative background wall.

You can create a creative background wall that can take photos in the restaurant. Customers in the restaurant are dynamic, and different consumption scenes will give birth to different meal demand. Only by always paying attention to customer dynamics can we flexibly respond to changing needs. The creative background wall can form different themes according to holidays, time periods and consumer groups to guide and attract consumers.

Creative background wall

6.Add artist works.

If your budget is not enough and you don’t want to waste the open space in the restaurant, you can also seek cooperation from local artists. In this way, you cannot only collect unique and artistic decorations for your restaurant, but also introduce the works of artists to your dining customers. Guests will not be able to refuse to take photos with these works of art and upload them to social networking websites, which virtually increases the publicity of the restaurant. If you also want to use the space outside the store to create an outdoor dining place, you can also find an artist to draw a mural on the outer wall of the building or find a graffiti enthusiast to spray paint one.

Add artist works

7.Create a unique focus.

If space permits, you can design an open kitchen in the restaurant, so that the kitchen itself can become a sign of the restaurant and a part of decor. Or a large oven for barbecue and pizza, whisky window, wine display cabinet, etc. so that guests can see it at a glance. If they are willing to take the time to approach your products and get a better experience outside the meal in the communication, they will be willing to spend more money in your restaurant.

Create a unique focus

8.Natural environmental protection.

Decorate your restaurant with plenty of green plants, which will make people relaxed and bring visual enjoyment to customers. However, real green plants will attract mosquitoes, which requires a lot of time maintenance and increases the cost of time and money. So, you can choose the artificial boxwood. The lush appearance looks the same as the real green plants, but it is low maintenance, which saves your time and cost.The artificial boxwood is made of healthy, safe and durable environmental protection materials PE plastic and metal. Both recyclable and health-friendly materials.The artificial boxwood can let customers relieve their mood and visual fatigue. It cannot only decorate the space, but also play the function of isolating the space. That’s why more and more people prefer artificial boxwood.   

artificial hedge wall

New signs inside and outside the restaurant

I hope these eight suggestions can help you run the restaurant. In addition, a warm hello and welcome greeting is the guests’ first impression of your restaurant. which is extremely important and should never be overlooked. In order to give customers a better dining experience, you also need to consider whether the materials used in the restaurant are safe and can absorb noise. The birth of a restaurant is never easy – make sure that the guests in each seat are looking at beautiful things.

In addition, people around the world are in a state of great concern as COVID-19 has been repeatedly, do not know when it will end, and has a huge impact on people’s lives and work. Perhaps COVID-19 and similar diseases will be with us for the foreseeable future. Therefore, daily protection becomes the norm. Wear a mask, maintain social distance, and be cautious when you are in a public environment. Artificial boxwood can create a safe and effective outer space that isolates space but does not isolate human feelings. If you plan to run a restaurant or are running a restaurant, let the artificial boxwood become the new logo of your restaurant. It is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, which cannot only convey your green and low-carbon life concept, but also meet the requirements of COVID-19 epidemic prevention.

artificial hedge wall

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