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[DURABLE AND SOLID] This hedge wall is made of only two materials, stainless steel and plastic. We design it as a long lifespan product. Stainless steel is everywhere, even the screws and frame. The boxwood is provided by  famous boxwood supplier Sunwing®. 20 years warranty lifespan for indoor and >5 years for outdoor.

[Double Rust-Proof] The base of the hedge is made of stainless steel which is powder coated, and it is packed well.

[Easy assembly and disassembly] Easily Assemble in About 15 minutes, and disassembling is also very easy.

[Realistic looking] The detail of the boxwood leaves is very realistic and beautiful.

[UV Resistant] The boxwood of the hedge is UV resistant and almost no fading outside in 3 years.

[Indoor Outdoor Using] The boxwood has passed SGS test, so it is safe and can be used both for indoor and outdoor.

[All Season] Adaptive temperature :-98℉~212℉. So it adapt to any season, even in the dead of winter. And it is water proof also.

[Good accessories] KSS® zip ties, screwdriver, Installation book&video link, stainless steel screws and ties and even gloves are packed in.

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48 inches boxwood hedge

Faux Boxwood Hedge Divider Wall With Planter Box 48H

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