Why are our Artificial hedge different?

a hedge on the balcony
a hedge on the street

What is artificial boxwood hedge?

Artificial boxwood hedge wall is a 3D wall which is usually used as a wall or fence to make a privacy space or decorate a room. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and can turn any ordinary space into a beautiful landscape in a few hours. It is an ideal solution for those who want to enhance the beauty of their home or workplace, both indoors and outdoors while adding privacy. So why not go for it and add beauty with the privacy.



Innovation, exploration, discovery are the life our company. We always committed to create a chill out, petty bourgeois and luxury privacy space for both daily life and commercial life. After years of operation, our artificial boxwood hedge wall has become the most popular product in North America. You can choose different sizes of hedges with and without planter box, and one of our products — artificial boxwood hedge in planter box has higher popularity, is the choice of more buyers, and has received a lot of praise and feedback.

artificial boxwood hedge in planter box

The hedge wall without planter box is inconvenient to move, and it is easy to be damaged if it is placed directly on the ground without a base, and the integrity is not beautiful enough. Most of the hedges in the market come with a planter box, called artificial boxwood hedge in planter, their base materials are different, as shown in the figure below. Our products integrate the above advantages and develop a more humanized functional design from multiple perspectives.

bases of different materials
bases of different materials
bases of different materials
bases of different materials
bases of different materials
bases of different materials

As we usually use them outdoor, the boxwood should be anti-UV, the frame of the hedge should be rust-proof. Besides rust-proof, we should be able to add weight into the planter box, that’s the other important function coming with it. Compared with similar products on the market, our product — artificial boxwood hedge in planter box has the following advantages:

1、The overall appearance is more beautiful. The appearance of the planter box is exquisite, and the shape is simple but not simple, the color is full of advanced feeling.

the planter box is made of 201 stainless steel





2、Planter box is made of 201 stainless steel, powder sprayed, double rust proof, intact packaging, firm base and more coordinated integrity.

the planter box is made of 201 stainless steel




3、The upgraded product is designed with two drainage holes under the long side of the planter box base to prevent ponding. It can be discharged automatically when the rainfall of the day is 25 ~ 50mm. When the rainfall is too heavy, you need to check whether the accumulated water has been discharged in time. If not, you can carry out manual assistance.

drain hole

4、The space in the planter box can be added with a counterweight board to increase the weight, or you can buy a water bag or put your own heavier items in it to increase the weight.

a water bag in planter box

5、After the upgrade, the planter box does not have the hook that is troublesome to install before, but has become a lock catch that is convenient to install. It saves time and effort to rotate and disassemble.

a lock catch

6、Industrial grade 304 stainless steel wheels can be installed under the planter box. They are not rusty when used outdoors. Rubber wheels reduce noise, facilitate movement and do not damage the floor. At the same time, the wheels have braking function.


304 stainless steel

We design it as a long-life product and constantly pursue good quality, just to add beauty and convenience to your life when it is sent to you. Don’t hesitate. Why not do something that can easily improve the quality of life? We are always by your side and look forward to serving you.

base wheeled hedge wall