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Hyphytochemdeals in Botanical Extracts,Phytochemicals & Reference Standards,and has a comprehensive product range featuring more than 1000 items in stock. Moreover,eighter customized service or Procurement Agent Services is provided if you can not find your products.

●Quality Assurance,Environmental and Health Safety Protection

Our commitment to deliver highquality products with no harms to environment and safety means that all our factories are not only passed the ISO Certification of Quality Management System butalso of the Environmental Management System & Occupation Health Safety Management System.

We also conduct regular and randomized testing on shipments from each factory. No manufacturing plant joins our list of producers without undergoing strict,random inspections whether they are potential or existing partners.Our quality assurance procedures include third party random testing as well as consumer testing and feedback.

Another way to assure the quality is by maintaining longterm relationships with trusted manufacturers. We have been working with some of our manufacturers for over six years, while our partnerships with our manufacturers have lasted four years on average. In addition to quality, having longstanding relationships with our manufacturers also enables us to provide clients with consistent and reliable products.

●Our Promise To Clients

At Hyphytochem, everything we do is guided by goal to provide clients with quality, professionalism and honesty, and efficiencies in time and cost.


Our commitment to quality goes beyond ensuring the quality of our products. We aim to deliver the same high standards in every aspect of each client’s experience with us. All of our staff are experienced in their specific area and perform their work efficiently to ensure that clients’ orders are received on schedule with no hassle.


We are aware that consumer trust and loyalty is what our business is built on and many of our employees and family members also consume Hyphytochem herbal products.


You can be confident that every order is treated urgency and we strive to deliver all orders to you at the shortest time possible. We have a good track record of accuracy and reliability in our deliveries, having achieved a 99% reliability rate in meeting clients’ deadlines. At Hyphytochem, we aim to fulfill our clients’ requests to the best of our ability and will try to expedite rush-orders whenever possible.


We provide accurate and aggressive pricing. We are always available to discuss pricing trends with our customers and we inform them when the prices of products are rising or going down and treat each of them fairly.

*Personalized Service

Although we may attract new clients with our products and prices, we are aware that excellent, personalized service is what helps us keep our existing clients. Every client of Hyphytochem is assigned to a specific customer sales representative. This assures clients that their needs will be met and gives them the ease of dealing with the same sales representative each time. All your enquiries and orders will be handled by your dedicated sales representative.

Hyphytochem will unconditionally accept returns on any product that does not meet the specification sheet that we provided before and during the sale.