Why artificial hedge walls coordinate to holiday celebrations?

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A hedge wall is a three-dimensional press wall made up of green foliage and/or lush flowers. Hedge walls are popular and on trend nowadays for their wide range of uses. From house beautifying to holiday decorating, everyone loves how they can soften a space, but still provide a comfortable, lasting impression. So here are some reasons why you can hardly refuse to make use of hedge walls in festival celebrations:

Turn places into a brand new look with natural looking greenery.

A simple way to liven up the festive atmosphere is to install a greenwall. There’s no doubt that bringing a splash of green can instantly increase its aesthetic value. Not only does it look beautiful, it also smells good. So it will bring everybody a great first impression of the place and a good mood the whole day. Gardening can helps increase social activity and decreases feelings of isolation which tights the relationships. In different holidays, you can add variety decorations you want to make them more ornate such as Christmas lights for Christmas, custom sign for ceremonies. You can design and customize your own unique hedge wall.

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Easy installation made it possible for everyone assemble it by solo at home.

Assembly was not difficult nor too time consuming by following the instructions. You can easily install the walls on your own in a short time. Just need to make sure you are assembling your base and hedges properly. There were two pieces of advice when assembling the walls which suggested by our customers:
1. Wear gloves! The aluminium pieces that make the base are very thin and VERY sharp.
2. Before attaching the boxwood hedge shell to the base, place something inside the base to weigh it down if you live in an area that is windy and you do not want to risk them blowing over or blowing away!

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Plants are good for environment and health.

Green plants are the backbone of ecological balance. Apart from absorbing carbon dioxide, converting it to oxygen and releasing it again, certain species in plants are even able to remove a number of relatively common harmful chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde from the air. Plants can also reduce and eliminate noise, tolerate drought and sand fixation, monitor the pollution of sulfur dioxide, fluorine, chlorine, and ammonia. Therefore being able to offer a cost effective, low pollution condition will be a win for you to choose our artificial hedge wall.

All in all, a good-looking green hedge wall with pleasant taste brings warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests on ceremonies. Its not-so-hard assembling method made it easy for home installation every holidays. Its environmental feature actually naturally increase the level of your space.

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