Several things you should know about our boxwood panel.

Durable and super long lifespan

  • Our boxwood panel is a durable and long life cycle product suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is a 20 inches square weight 8 ounces, 8 centimeters tall equal to 4 smart phones’ thickness. The panel is made of plastic and PE. Our panel is environmentally friendly and with no smell, no formaldehyde.
  • Bring you a Eco-friendly, realistic green privacy space

  • We are committed to creating an environmentally friendly and healthy environment in your home and office. So the color of our panel is natural and realistic green. The leaves have clear texture which looks like real hedges. The advantage of using artificial plants is that they do not need harsh environmental conditions like real plants, so you can use it in various scenarios. It harmoniously combined the natural elements with daily life, you can find it everywhere.
  • They could be reconfigured into whatever shapes you like

  • Our ARTIGWALL panel can be folded and has very good toughness. It will return to its original shape soon after letting go. It can be used in different environment including uneven walls surface, floors, etc. It fits nicely on the fence if you want a private yard. You are able to reconfigure them into whatever shape you like.
  • toughness

    100% safe to both kids and pets

  • It’s very soft so as to won’t hurt your hands. Even small kids can play on it, which means it is very safe wherever you placed it at home. If you got kids/ pets at home, you don’t need to worry about whether they would get hurt at all.
  • High density, Sturdy, Exquisite and Full leaves

  • The plants are very dense which only allow the breeze to pass through. We use better craft 4-layer leaves to replace 3-layer leaves. The plant sticks to the grid very firmly. No matter if it is pulled or shaken, the leaves stay put. Even though you put the panels in your house or in your yard and balcony, you don’t have to clear the leaves fall on the ground at all.
  • firm

    Premium Natural New PE material, UV-protection, leaves wont fade

  • In the discoloration test, we used the cloth to wipe the surface of the panel hardly. The result is both the plants and cloth did not change its color. Our panel can stay green for a long time.
  • discoloration

    Automatic Drainage System

  • Our boxwood panel can drain water quickly without accumulating water, which is very suitable for outdoor use. It can stay vibrant after rainy days and you can use water to clean it if needed.
  • Your best choice for greening and privacy space

  • In conclusion, our ARTIGWALL boxwood panel is a good choice if you want to add greenery in you places. You can find our products were used in different scenes including bedroom, washroom, balcony, yard, fence decoration, office space, holiday celebration, photography backdrop and more!