Revolutionary Artificial Plant Wall

Hang a Living wall like hanging a painting!

Artificial Living Wall

How to Make an artificial living wall by yourself?-Buy a Whole one!

Our artificial living wall panel allows you to install an artificial living wall just like hanging a painting!

All you need to to do is:

1, Unfold the living wall panel(just like unfold a blanket).

2, Add nails(nail-in anchor or something like that) to the wall which you want to decorate.

3, Hang the living wall on the wall!

How did we do it?

We make two layers for the living wall panel. And we use the gravity to make the plants stand up against the wall.

Once you unroll the living wall panel, the plant on the panel will stand up automatically if you hang it vertically.

Can it be customized?

Yes, just contact us, any size. Also, you can send us some pictures, we can design.

Can it be hung up if too large?

Yes, We will ship the living wall by dividing it to several panels. You just hang them one by one. This will not change the look of the living wall.

The benefits?

  • Easy to install and move.
  • Can be picked down and moved to another place!
  • Install by yourself! no on-site service needed!
  • Save MORE money!

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