Return your items without any risk.

Dear Customer:

You can return your items without any reasons! No shipping fee for return! We will shoulder all the costs and losses.

However, by reading some note below, you can still help us reduce the costs and losses, so we can keep this return policy  for other customers as long time as possible.

1) Most of our products are bulky and heavy, so they will cost more on shipping. So please make sure you REALLY need them before buying.

And, if you had bought more than 1 PCS, unless you have confirmed the quality by opening the first box, please don’t open the other boxes. If you do do it like this, we will be very very grateful to you for your cooperation.

2) Please read the installation guide book before use or assembly. If not, you may misunderstand the quality or design of the items.

3) For hedge walls, we design them for a competitive price and top quality, in order to do this, this kind of product must be designed into assembly-needed product,  bolt and zip ties are used to complete this goal. If you hate these things, do not buy.

4) About the boxwood panels: The packaged boxwood panels usually do not looks very well when you open the package on the first time. You can restore the position of the leaves with your hands.

5) Our hedge walls are 60% handmade, only machines will not make mistakes, if you find some issue on them, please contact us, and we will try to help you solve it, if you want a return, OK, return it.

6) Customized products can not be returned

To return your items, please contact us to ask for the address, we will tell you how to do.

Contact us by clicking the live-chat button in the lower right corner. or Email us: