Faux Boxwood Hedge Divider Wall 38″W x 24″H


Deep: 14 Inches    Height: 24 Inches     Length: 38 Inches

  • Easily Assemble in About 5 minutes
  • UV Rated Boxwood for Outdoor Installations
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • 3 Year Warranty & 5-8 Year Expected Life

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They are made from our most popular artificial boxwood panels.



Using this top quality boxwood panels will make the hedge look premium.

Features of this boxwood panel:

  • PE materials with SGS certificate
  • Securely Connect & Cut for a Custom Fit
  • UV and water Inhibitors to Protect Agents any Weather Condition
  • No maintenance, Long lasting, Longer lifespan
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor


The hedges are a convenient, long lasting and low maintenance solution for hard to maintain patio or common areas.

Our hedges are suitable for shopping malls, restaurants, hotel lobbies or even on patios, decks and porches where watering is difficult or unrealistic.


Boxwood mat: Low Density Polyethylene( LDPE) Polyester

Hedge Frame : stainless steel



It is easy to assemble in About 15 minutes, you can find the Assembly Guide Paper in package.

We use zip ties and thumb screws to assemble, it is easy and fast to use.



All of the attachments can be found in package.





Dimensions 120 × 36 × 77 cm


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