The World‘s Most Flexible Outdoor Sectional.

Unlock more lifestyles in your backyard & garden & porch.

Buy 1 Outdoor sectional,
Get "5 sectionals".

backyard sofa

As two conversation sofas

Face to face chat is very important especially when you meet people who are not your best friends.

You may need to see his or her eyes during the conversation.

Furthermore, you should serve them with drink, in this situation, our ‘magic’ table can help you more.

As an outdoor bed

Imagining you and your lover are lying on the bed,  suddenly she says: “honey, I wanna see the sky and stars on bed.”

You get off the bed, running into the garage, pulling out hammer, gloves, shovel, ladder, helmet, then you climb on the house, starting to remove the tiles.

Now you do not need to do this!

sofa in the balcony
outdoor chaise lounges

As two chaise lounges

Want a sunbathing with your friends besides the pool, having cool drinks on summer?

No need to buy extra chaise lounges anymore. Just split your sofa! 

In 2 minutes!

As lovers' face to face chaise lounges

Usually, you can not see your lover’s face easily when you are lying on the bed.

That’s because there is only one backrest at the end of bed.

Now we help you fix this!

By the way, both indoor and outdoor.

Tips: Keep your feet well smelling.


couples outdoor bed
indoor outdoor sofa set

As classic right angle sofa sectional

Right angle sofa is the best choice for the small area.

A rug is the best partner.

This choice is suitable for many scenes especially you have kids.

It’s your best choice if you have a porch.

And more!

sofa bed style 1
sofa bed style 4

Why the Most Valuable Sofa sectional in 2022?

Aluminum frame + high-grade tarpaulin + high-quality real acacia wood + Memory Foam

Memory foam cushions

Our memory foam cushions offer comfort.

sofa detail -1
sturdy sofa

Weather Resistant Aluminum Frame

Aluminum is weather resistant and will not rust, rot or loosen. Our frames are made with top-of-the-line powder coatings for a guaranteed service life of over 10 years.

Outdoor anti-UV waterproof cloth

Water-repellent polyester material, surface water-repellent design, specially made for outdoor use.

High-quality real acacia wood

Acacia wood furniture isn’t prone to scratching, and even unprotected you can likely get away with about 40 years of use before it needs to be touched up.

basic style sofa outdoor

Artigwall Flexible Outdoor sofa sectional

Get the hottest outdoor sofa in 2022.



About the brand

Artigwall established in 2016, well known as the North America most popular artificial hedge.

Now we start to design and produce outdoor furnitures.

We are a young team who are focusing on designing and creating wonderful and modern outdoor patio furnitures & decorations.

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