Meet us, meet Artigwall

The Artigwall Story

—The mission of our brand is to do our best to improve your living environment experience.

Brand introduction

We founded Artigwall and began to design and produce artificial boxwood hedge since 2016. Over the past six years, we have always maintained our original intention, continued to innovate, and unswervingly walked on this road in order to enable people to better enjoy their work and life.

Innovation, exploration, discovery are the life of our company. We always committed to create a chill out, petty bourgeois and luxury privacy space for both daily life and commercial life. After years of operation, our artificial boxwood hedge wall has become the most popular product in North America.

Original intention of creating brand and product characteristics

1.We saw an opportunity in the business where there are few kinds of products with incomplete performance on the market, which cannot meet people’s needs. In this regard, we filled the market vacancy and designed artificial hedge with integration, 3Dsense and flexibility.

2.People can choose different heights of artificial boxwood hedge according to the actual space and specific needs. The flexible adjustment and versatility of the space meet people’s creative needs. have been upgraded. The world’s first wind resistant artificial boxwood hedge wall designed and produced by us is a functional upgrade, the maximum wind level that can be withstood is 7 Beaufort (28 ~ 33 miles / h).

3.In addition, people always pay great attention to privacy, and artificial boxwood hedge can play a role in isolating space, the physical position of the room or space has not changed, but the relationship between people and between people and space has changed, creating more possibilities. Green environmental protection and the pursuit of nature are indispensable in people’s life. The decorative role of artificial hedge can meet this kind of needs well.

4.In particular, it is free of care and maintenance, flexible movement, convenient disassembly, and good quality saves more time for people.

We’re really trying to optimize customers’ purchase and use experience with our platform. What you choose is not only a product, but also a work of art. Our frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, rust, corrosion and waterproof; LDPE boxwood panel is UV resistant, high temperature resistant and not easy to fade; The planter box is made of stainless steel, powder coated, double antirust, beautiful and firm. We ensure that it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Corporate culture and epidemic prevention function

“Live fresh and make wonderful.”

“If you make your customers’ life wonderful, you will make yourself more wonderful.”

“Everything around you are customers, try to stand in their shoes, achieve others and yourself by the way.”

“Make cool and practical products.”

These are our corporate culture. Every sentence shows our sincere heart of serving customers. During design and produce artificial boxwood hedge, our world has not yet been attacked by COVID-19. Now the epidemic is rampant, and the advanced performance of artificial hedge has been revealed. Whether indoors or outdoors, artificial boxwood hedge can be used as partitions, which can not only meet the requirements of epidemic prevention, but also add aesthetics.

Future outlook

It’s those experiences that we want people to remember and that’s a big piece of what we’re trying to create high-quality artificial boxwood hedge. Of course, it’s all about what you enjoy indoors and outdoors with your family and friends.

Artigwall story