Hedge walls:Good ideas for adding privacy at home

Hedge walls are walls that can be applied to many scenarios and are closely related to our daily lives. In recent years, more and more places in the city are using hedge walls, you can see them everywhere in various ceremonies, homes, and offices. The reason why hedge walls are so popular is inseparable from its many advantages. For those who value personal privacy, hedge walls can be a very good choice.

On the one hand, hedge walls can divide the two spaces well within a small range, which can provide enough privacy for our lives. It is a good solution to the constraints of soil conditions, and can be easily installed on the wall surface of various materials and shapes without destroying the original structure of the wall. It is more convenient to build a hedge wall than a fence. For your house and office, hedge walls can partly replace ordinary walls and play a good role in partitioning and protecting privacy.

On the other hand, hedge walls can also reduce noise. Compared with ordinary white walls, hedge walls have a stronger ability to absorb sound and can reduce the volume of the environment which means that in family house or office space, hedge walls can provide a quieter and more private space. At the same time, the three-dimensional planting can perfectly integrated with the site environment and also play a role in beautifying and purifying the environment.

Many of our customers who cared about their privacy agreed that hedge walls can provide better privacy.  “As you can see from the pictures I ordered four of these and placed two side by side on each end of my patio for privacy.” “We were looking at several options for privacy for a roof deck and took a chance on one of these about a year ago.” “Provide privacy in a high rise condo.” “I bought the hedge walls and just want to make my fence feel more private.”

To sum up, in indoor and outdoor scenes, hedge walls can separate one space into two and reduce sound volume(better sound insulation than ordinary white walls) at the same time. Therefore for people who prefer their life space with more privacy, hedge walls can always be a better choice whether at home or in the office.