Eureka! Reasons for longer outdoor service life of artificial boxwood hedge!

Advantages of artificial boxwood hedge

A qualified artificial boxwood hedge product has the functions of improving space, isolating space and protecting privacy, creating a unique area. Its good design and excellent performance are irreplaceable by other items. If you are considering buying artificial boxwood hedge or want to introduce artificial boxwood hedge to customers, but there are still some questions in mind, I hope this article will be helpful to you.

People cannot live without green, which represents life and vitality. Natural plants are usually very delicate and need more maintenance. They are easy to get sick, if they are not well taken care of. It will also wither due to seasonal changes. The artificial green wall does not have these concerns because they require little maintenance, watering or pruning, and they do not need a large amount of irrigation, mowing or fertilizing. In addition to the necessary cleaning, the artificial boxwood hedge will remain perfect, the maintenance costs are very low. This is a very special one among the advantages of artificial boxwood hedge.

artificial hedge wall

Qualities of artificial boxwood hedge

1.The artificial boxwood hedge is made of LDPE plastic and metal, both recyclable materials. The quality is more guaranteed, the appearance is more advanced, and the details are more exquisite, easier assembly. Natural environmental protection,no bad smell.

2.The artificial boxwood hedge has the ability to prevent ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet protection function helps products keep bright appearance colors longer not easy to fade or brittle.

3.The artificial boxwood hedge is suitable for any season and can cope with all kinds of weather, so that you can feel the vitality of spring at any time.

4.Safety is extremely important. It is necessary to avoid flammable decoration both indoors and outdoors. The artificial boxwood hedge is a product that can reassure you. Its flame retardant function can effectively suppress fire in case of fire, and it has passed SGS test.

5.Many people and pets are allergic to plant pollen, a substance that comes from natural plants, this is an inevitable problem when using natural plants. Then you don’t have to worry about allergies with artificial boxwood hedge because they don’t have pollen, and they are made of high-quality environmental-friendly and pollution-free materials.

How long can outdoor artificial boxwood hedge last?

So, how long can outdoor artificial boxwood hedge last? Because of the advantages and qualities mentioned above, artificial boxwood hedge can last longer outdoors. When people look out of the window or walk on the street, it is also an enjoyment to see the lush green landscape. However, it is not easy to keep real plants alive and create such a refreshing environment. Therefore, artificial boxwood hedge are becoming more and more popular. The appearance makes people feel happy, and the use function is reassuring and worry-free.There are not only different sizes and styles to choose from, but also can be customized according to your personal requirements if your demand is relatively large.

artificial hedge wall

1.Don’t worry about fading.

One of the most frequently asked questions about artificial boxwood hedge placed outdoors is whether they are easy to fade. The answer is don’t worry about that. The artificial boxwood hedge has UV protection function,designed for outdoor use to prevent fading or breakage, not prone to age and lose shape and texture.

2.Applicable to different weather.

No matter the temperature or weather, the artificial boxwood hedge can last longer and stays new and fresh. There is no need to worry about its material being affected in the rain, because it is mildew proof; you don’t have to worry about it collapsing in the wind, because we made the world’s first wind resistant artificial boxwood hedge wall. Of course, even if you think about it so carefully, you should still pay attention to stay away from extreme weathers,some extreme weather and temperature will also damage artificial boxwood hedge and affect their service life.

3.Move the position regularly.

Compared with natural plants, the maintenance of artificial boxwood hedge is low maintenance, saves labor and time. In order to make outdoor artificial boxwood hedge last longer and more beautiful in appearance, proper maintenance is very necessary. You can move the position of the artificial hedge wall regularly to receive sunlight evenly and avoid color differences. You can periodically move your artificial boxwood hedge so that they receive light evenly and avoid color differences. In addition, when the sun is concentrated and strong in summer, the artificial boxwood hedge can be covered to extend their service life.

4.Clean regularly.

Outdoor artificial boxwood hedge are more likely to accumulate garbage and dust. If they are not cleaned for a long time, it will not only increase the difficulty of cleaning, but also weaken the ability of UV protection, so a regular cleaning is very important. Specific cleaning methods can be obtained by reading the article ‘Easy cleaning tips’.

5.Not indefinitely.

Even products designed for outdoor use, in addition to their own good performance and quality, but this does not mean that it can be used indefinitely. In the normal use environment, we guarantee that the service life of artificial boxwood hedge can reach 3-5 years outdoors. Over time, even the most durable outdoor materials will have some problems. Therefore, correct cleaning and effective maintenance will prolong the service life of the products you buy.

Artificial boxwood hedge are your choice

Artigwall, a leading manufacturer of artificial boxwood hedge in China, committed to continuously developing new products, providing customers with high-quality products and improving their lives. Our professional R&D team will constantly upgrade and develop products according to customer feedback and market trends, combined with new ideas and thinking. Want to solve foreseeable problems in front of customers. If you have any needs or suggestions regarding our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Because your suggestions and opinions are extremely valuable to us. I hope this article will help you. Artigwall is a trusted brand.