Easy cleaning tips – Make the artificial hedge wall last longer!

cleaning tips

What is the artificial hedge wall?

Artificial hedge walls are becoming more and more popular around the world, it appears in people’s life and makes people’s life full of surprises and beauty. What is the artificial hedge wall? It has become a popular substitute for nature plant decoration. This can also be understood in more detail in our article – Environmentally-friendly & Green environmental protection artificial hedge wall!

1.The artificial hedge wall is actually substitutes for natural plants, which are made of hundreds of artificial materials.

2.The appearance looks the same as the real green plants, but the function is superior.

3.In recent years, there are many kinds of artificial hedge walls, which are applied in different scenes, such as courtyard, patio, shopping mall, campus, station, hospital, resort, party, office area, display window, etc.

4.No matter indoors or outdoors, you can find beautiful products of artificial green plants everywhere.

Necessity of regular cleaning of artificial hedge walls

Just as people like to be clean and tidy, artificial hedge walls also need to be cleaned to maintain a perfect appearance. In particular, artificial hedge walls placed outdoors can be affected by the wind, the sun and passing vehicles, and can fall into dust or litter, which requires people to clean it regularly. This will not only make it more beautiful, but also extend its life span.

Individuals and businesses choose artificial hedge walls in the hope that they will without devoting too much time and resources on them, but they can also obtain a pleasant, improved space and attractive environment. However, this does not mean that artificial hedge walls do not need to be cleaned. On the contrary, it is essential to clean artificial plants regularly!

1.As time goes on, the artificial hedge wall will accumulate dust.

2.The leaves of boxwood panel will lose luster because of dust.

3.Regular cleaning will keep them with good appearance.

You don’t have to arrange a specific time for cleaning, you can clean artificial hedge walls flexibly whenever you want, you can listen to songs and take them as exercise after dinner. Because cleaning artificial hedge walls is much easier and takes less time than real plants, that there is no need of watering, weeding or fertilizing, it will only take you a little time.

Easy tips for cleaning artificial hedge walls

If you want to clean artificial hedge walls faster and better, you can learn some basic skills by reading the following methods.

Of course, if you live in a coastal city with good air quality and environment, artificial hedge walls can maintain a longer visual experience, and you can also reduce the number of cleaning times.

But if it is a city with more traffic and people, you need to arrange the cleaning time every week to ensure that the effect of artificial hedge wall is maintained better. If you don’t dust the plants regularly, it will form a hard appearance on the blade surface. After a long time, it will be become hard to remove.

cleaning tips

1.Remove rubbish and debris.

Rubbish and debris can fall into artificial hedge walls due to weather and traffic vehicles. It can’t be discharged by itself, so it only needs manpower to clean out the relatively small pieces of garbage and throw them away, so as to keep the plants clean and tidy.

2.Follow the correct cleaning direction.

Normally clean from the top to the bottom, so that the dust on it falls down to prevent it from falling on the parts you’ve cleaned before. Improve the efficiency of cleaning.

3.Use a soft brush to remove dust.

You can use a soft brush to remove dust. Choose a larger soft brush, which can clean a larger area at a time. The softer material is preferred because it will not damage the leaves of the artificial hedge wall, you just need to brush gently according to the vein of the blade.

4.Use a hair dryer to remove dust.

Dusting with a hair dryer is also a quick and easy way to clean. Be sure to adjust the hair dryer to the cold air mode before use otherwise the hot air mode will damage the artificial hedge wall. It should be reminded that this cleaning method is more suitable for artificial hedge walls placed outdoors. If you are indoors, the hair dryer is likely to blow dust to other parts of the room, and you need to spend more time cleaning the room.

5.Use water spray gun or damp cloth to remove dust.

If you want to clean the artificial hedge wall outside quickly, you can use a water spray gun. Clean the dust from top to bottom with clean water. After that, you can choose to dry naturally in the sun or wipe it with a clean and dry cloth to wipe off the larger water droplets. You can also use a damp cloth if the dust deep inside the leaves that is difficult to remove with a soft brush or a hair dryer, or if you have an artificial hedge wall placed indoors that is difficult to remove with water spray gun. It should be noted that both methods do not add any cleaning solution with irritant chemicals to the water, which is easy to fade the color of the hedge wall. Clean water is the best choice. After wiping, dry the blade with another towel. This can avoid damaging the artificial hedge wall.

6.Cleaning precautions.

If you cause damage to the artificial hedge wall during the cleaning process, you can try to repair it with spare materials first. If it is beyond your scope of operation, do not operate without authorization. You can contact the after-sales personnel of the product for consultation firstly and repair under the correct guidance. Under normal circumstances, artificial hedge wall is a high-quality and long-life product, which will not cost you too much extra cost and increase the cost.

Artificial hedge walls make life better

Taking a few minutes a week or more to clean the artificial hedge wall cannot only make it bloom new brilliance and keep it evergreen, but also make your life and work always healthy, safe, full of surprises and fun.

Hopefully you will find practical ways to clean the artificial hedge wall by reading this article. I also hope these methods are helpful to you. Artigwall is a brand that you can deeply trust.

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