Hi friend,

When you try to explore an awesome boxwood panel which can meet your needs, you may have no idea which one you should to trust, because similar products are everywhere!

Is the best-selling product with the best quality? usually no. Why? The best -selling product only means more people bought it, not means it is with best rating!

You may say “OK, I should go to the one with best rating.”

Well, it is better, but never the best.

At first, as we know, the best rating one may not really be the best rating, on the other hand, the best rating one may not just meet your needs. You buy it just because you need it, rather than others like it!

OK, here is the feature of our boxwood panels, you can check if it meets your needs:

Keyword: Premium.

It looks premium. It is designed for the special occasion, so it is not the common boxwood panel.

How to make that happen?

1, COLOR. The color is a little slightly darker than others, but the dark green is variable and mutative.

2, MATTE. It is One of the IMPORTANT attributes of boxwood panel. Because if it is not matte, it will looks more fake. So, when you try to search a better boxwood, this attribute is important to check.

3, DENSITY. It is often ignored by many people. If the leaves of the boxwood is not with a high density, it will not look premium. Here is the detail of the leaves:

boxwood leaf

So before you buy on the other store, don’t forget to check it.

Here is a case one of our customers’ using.

dark green boxwood

Buy check those 3 top features, you can make a decision now!

Buy the way, if you go with us, you can return them with no shipping fee after you receive them if it is not the same as I described.

boxwood panel

The Premium Dark Green Boxwood Panel

  • Reason to buy: This panel is used as the panel of our best-selling hedge wall and has been “verified” by the market. The best price NOW!
  • High quality PE materials with SGS certificate
  • Securely Connect & Cut for a Custom Fit
  • UV and water Inhibitors to Protect Agents any Weather Condition
  • No maintenance, Long lasting, Longer lifespan
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor

Buy Now!

Waning: Recently some of our customers told us others are using our picture as their product image, if you also see it, can you please tell us the details? Many thanks!