Can’t make decisions on buying boxwood panels or hedge walls? Read this!

-It’s nearly Christmas but still not determined how to decorate your home?

-Want to throw a party but no suitable backdrop to take selfies?

-Your dog bark to your neighbors and streets every time when someone passing by?

-Tired of cleaning the weeds in your yard everyday?

-Want to add something green in your places but got no idea?

Today, I’m here to give you some recommendations to solve these problems based on our clients’ suggestions.

When you are browsing our products, you might feel confused about how to choose the boxwood panels, hedge walls and where to use them. Hope you can select your ideal products after reading this article.

The artificial boxwood panel is a mat size artificial plants which can simply be sectioned together similar to wall tiles (you can install our panels by your own easily). The permanent artificial flowers and foliage remains manicured over time. 

dark green boxwood

-You can find our ARTIGWALL mats are commonly used in balcony with their discoloration character through wind, sun, rain and snow.


-My clients’ comments show that the boxwood hedge panels are very popular used at home in holiday and ceremonies for elegance in your dining space and also be a good backdrop for your guests to take selfies (most of our customers buy our mats for that and get a lot of compliments).

-If you got a dog or other pets at home, our mats will separate your fence from your neighbors and the street so as to your dog/ pets won’t bark all day. 

-Some of our customers use our ARTIGWALL panels as fake lawn and they don’t need to take care of it anymore if you are tired of cleaning the grass in your yard everyday.

front yard grass

-Our panels can be a perfect backdrop, if you want a photo wall to demonstrate your family photos.

So the using experience of our customers indicates that our artificial boxwood panels are always good choices if you just need a small places to be decorated greenery.

The hedge wall (with planter base) is a plant wall that can be used as ordinary white walls/ fence. It is unique, eye-catching, customizable product for interior landscapes and do not require constant upkeep. Artificial grass walls are available in a variety of colors, sizes. 

38 width hedge wall series

-Our ARTIGWALL walls are quite sturdy and long-lasting which will make your spaces/ family photo walls extremely fresh and memorable. 

-One of my customer bought hedge walls for his wedding and got so many compliments on them from attending guests and really loveeeed these. He gave a high rating on our walls for they really met his need.

loveeeed these

-I think you can’t miss our ARTIGWALL hedge walls if you want to add greenery in a place.  

-If your house is very close to others and offer very little privacy, our hedges are perfect to fixed that problem! They are very sturdy, easy to assemble and are exactly what you needed for added privacy and beauty. 

-Our ARTIGWALL hedge divider walls have scroll wheels(also have non-scroll wheels style) in the four corner so you can move it everywhere you want easily.

Therefore, if you want to add privacy to your place, there is no doubt you should use our hedge walls to replace white walls.

The hedge walls (without planter base) are different from hedge walls for they do not have plant bases and different from panels for their 3D plants outlook. They are manufactured for outdoor placement, made specifically to withstand the negative elements of the weather and the effects of sun. By the way, all of our products can be customized to your expectations including shape, color and style.

In conclusion, our products are used in exterior applications including patio, porch, privacy screens, wooden fences, yard, backyard, walkways, home and office facade, wedding or other celebrations photography backdrop, stage backdrop and more! Interior decorative applications including balcony, living room, trellis, study room, terrace, bathroom, office work area, hotels, restaurants, lobbies, weddings, reception desk and other places! 

Want to add greenery and happiness to your places? Just buy us!

Hope this article can help you a little bit when you selecting our products!