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Characteristics and advantages of artificial hedge wall

We design and produce artificial hedge wall since 2016. Artificial hedge wall is certainly the most popular and flexible way to introduce greenery while still creating your own style and privacy. It can enhance the aesthetic of your property and create a decorative background for the site you need. 

In today’s fast-paced society, people are busy with work, socializing, kids, etc., but we still need time in our lives to slow down and enjoy the good things. Artificial hedge wall is the beauty of life, it can bring you unexpected surprises. So how to choose high-quality hedge walls? How to choose the right size? What are the features and advantages of our hedge wall? After reading this article, you will find the answer!

artificial hedge wall

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Main features:

1.UV protection.

Our artificial hedge wall can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays. You should pay attention to this when choosing products. The anti- ultraviolet function will prolong its service life.

the planter box is made of 201 stainless steel


Whether it has windproof function is very important. We have produced the world’s first windproof hedge wall, which can withstand the maximum wind level of 7 Beaufort (28 ~ 33 miles / h). You can decide whether to choose according to your actual needs, but we can ensure that you will never be disappointed and regret if you choose.

a windproof artificial hedge


Artificial hedge wall can damage themselves if water inside, our upgrade solves this problem. Two drainage holes are designed under the long side of the planter box base to prevent ponding. It can be discharged automatically when the rainfall of the day is 25 ~ 50mm. When the rainfall is too heavy, you need to check whether the accumulated water has been discharged in time. If not, you can carry out manual assistance.

drain hole

4.Display of product details.

We have added the spring as a key part in the design of the windproof hedge wall. Its existence can keep the lower part of the hedge wall stationary and the upper part swinging with the wind when facing the strong wind. To ensure the stability of the whole hedge wall.

windproof artificial hedge

More features:

1.Snow proof.

Our products can withstand the weight of snow up to one meter (100cm) thick. If there is more snow, it needs to be cleaned up in time.

2.Fire protection.

In normal use environment, without the use of open fire, this product outdoor high temperature up to 70°C (158°F), low temperature up to minus 20°C (-4°F). In addition, do not place this product near high temperature objects, once the temperature is too high, the boxwood panel will melt but will not burn, can effectively block fire.

3.Anti-light transmittance.

When used outdoors, this product has good anti light transmittance. Due to extrusion during transportation, in order to achieve the expected effect, the boxwood panel can be taken to the outdoor sun to dry before assembly and use, which can make the boxwood panel rebound. Or use a hair dryer to rebound the boxwood panel.

4.Anti-moth, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, mildew proof, acid and alkali resistant, non-cracking, not easy to deform, environmental protection and no pollution.

5.The simulated plant wall needs no maintenance and has a lasting effect.

6.No space restrictions, basic any space can be constructed.

7.Compared with living plant wall, the cost is low.

8.The base of planter box is made of stainless steel, powder sprayed, double rust prevention and intact packaging. The base is beautiful and firm.

9.Simple assembly, easy assembly in about 15 minutes, and very simple disassembly.

Size selection:

38 Series

33_Height * 38_Wide * 14_Deep              48_Height * 38_Wide * 14_Deep

64_Height * 38_Wide * 14_Deep              71_Height * 38_Wide * 14_Deep

79_Height * 38_Wide * 14_Deep              95_Height * 38_Wide * 14_Deep

38 Series of artificial hedge wall

48 Series

33_Height * 48_Wide * 14_Deep              48_Height * 48_Wide * 14_Deep

64_Height * 48_Wide * 14_Deep              79_Height * 48_Wide * 14_Deep

96_Height * 48_Wide * 14_Deep

48 Series of artificial hedge wall

Function summary of artificial hedge wall

1.Artificial hedge wall can last 3-5 years outdoors and 15-20 years indoors under normal use environment.

2.Our LDPE UV resistant boxwood panel is the key to making outdoor hedge walls, with a reputation for anti-fading protection and longevity.

3.If you are building an outdoor project or venue and want it to remain beautiful, our products will be your best choice. Because it performs better than other products against sun, wind, rain and snow.

4.Artificial hedge wall has the most versatile function-from creating space to isolating space, they provide outstanding creativity and practicality.

5.We design and produce artificial hedge wall for indoor and outdoor applications, and use perfect and exquisite artificial green plants to change the line of sight and way of action in your living space.

Start with a purchase, maybe we will become friends. If you want to know anything about artificial hedge wall, you can consult us. We look forward to serving you!

a wind resistant boxwood hedge