Explore the best way to buy artificial boxwood panels.

In this article, I will tell you, buying boxwood panels on amazon is NOT always the best choice.


Well, if you need only a few amount, I still recommend amazon. Because in this way, you have no way to waste money, even you want to! And, as you know, Amazon provides consumers with adequate protection and comprehensive services, such as fast delivery. So,in most instances, Amazon is the best choice.

But, the boxwood panel is something different from most products!

It is expensive and we usually need a lot of it. Spending 500+ dollars on this product is common.

You should know amazon has a high commission rate on its products, plus there are many many sellers selling boxwood panels on amazon, so it is a highly competitive industry. Each boxwood panel seller’s profit on this product is even less than amazon’s commission fee!

As you know, the dark green panel is the most popular one on market, the price for 12 pieces (20”X20”) on amazon is between 120$-139$, such high quality boxwood panels, are reliable and at lest have passed SGS UV test, using fresh plastic, and having enough density.

If you need a lot, e.g. 120 pieces and more, it will cost you approx. 1200$ +. That’s a lot of money! We all hate 1200! we like 1000!

So, is there any way to save 17%+ and more?

Almost impossible!

Because the profit is even less than 17%! No business man is interested in a zero profit business!

Although no one can give you a 17% discount on this product, but, some none-amazon sellers can bear 15% discount at most!

Why? The amazon commission is the reason. The commission on this market is about 10~15%, so minus the cost, some sellers may have ability to bear this discount.

Just think this, if you will spend 5000 dollars on this product, the 15% discount is 750$! How much you can earn one day?!

You may want to know how to find these sellers.

You can search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, it’s easy to find out.

As one of these none-amazon sellers, sorry to say that we can only give away 12% discount. So if you want to save more, buying from us is not the best choice.

But there is some benefit if you buy from us, for example, we have sold the product for three years, none of our customers return any piece of them. Our boxwood panels is one of the most realistic-looking in market. You can see the photos of our boxwood panels later.

But I remind you that you should pay attention to the point that I figured out in the first part of this article, if you find the price is under 120 dollars/12pcs. For instance, here is our boxwood leaves:

boxwood leaf

As decoration,The density of the boxwood panel is important, otherwise we will look through it or we can see the wall under the boxwood panels, that’s bad. So before you buy, make sure you know the details of leaves. You can ask the seller for the details.

Anti-UV is also important, as well as the material of the boxwood panels, bad plastic smells terrible and should be forbidden for indoor use, because it is harmful to human body. So before you buy, make sure the product has passed the SGS test.

OK, if you still on this page, you may need the product. If you want them to buy from our store, here is a coupon code(dg20) I can give it out. Without this code, the price is still competitive, but this code will help you save more, just use it on cart when checkout.

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Why don’t we sell this product on amazon? Well, we are a wholesale store, but amazon is a retail platform. Once again, no business man is interested in a zero profit business.

Good luck!