Artificial hedge fence-Worth having UV protection artificial green plants!

Maintenance risk of real green plants

In recent years, simulated plants have gradually entered people’s vision, whether indoors or outdoors, and its existence has created indispensable value for people’s life. Compared with real green plants, simulated plants have the advantages of free maintenance and care.

1.The ultraviolet ray of high intensity is harmful to the plant, which will evaporate the water of plants, cause the lack of soil and water nutrition, and is unfavorable to its growth. This result is a risk for planting and maintaining real green plants.

2.Plants need to rely on photosynthesis to continuously produce nutrients in the process of growth. During photosynthesis, they will inevitably be exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

3.In normal environment, plants can adapt to this kind of irradiation, but with the change of environment, the increasing intensity of ultraviolet rays in nature will affect the growth of plants.

4.The surface of leaves over irradiated by ultraviolet rays will turn black or fade, making them no longer clean and beautiful.


Why UV protection?

The problem is not only with real plants, but also with lower-quality simulated plants without UV protection. This is because under sunlight and fluorescence, plastics and other polymer materials produce automatic oxidation reaction due to the ultraviolet rays, resulting in degradation and deterioration of polymers and deterioration of appearance and mechanical properties.

Artificial hedge fence with anti-ultraviolet function can selectively absorb high-energy ultraviolet rays, so that it becomes harmless energy and release or consumption.

Our product – artificial hedge fence with anti-ultraviolet function can withstand the test of time and add color to your life and work. Next, let’s show you how the artificial hedge hence protects against ultraviolet rays:

1. Long lifespan product.

Artificial hedge fence in planter wall is made of only two materials, stainless steel and plastic. We design it as a long lifespan product. The boxwood is provided by famous boxwood supplier Sunwing®. 20 years warranty lifespan for indoor and >5 years for outdoor.

2. Passed SGS test.

The boxwood of the hedge is UV resistant and almost no fading outside in 3 years. The boxwood has passed SGS test, so it is safe and can be used both for indoor and outdoor.

3. LDPE boxwood panel.

The boxwood panel of the hedge wall is LDPE boxwood panel, with bright color and three-dimensional feeling. The leaves are UV resistant, high temperature resistant and not easy to fade.

Gain instant privacy and a sense of fashion and nature with a hedge wall on your patio, in your garden or workplace. Its UV protection function will work in the next few years without requiring any maintenance. Our product – artificial hedge fence is definitely a high-quality product you deserve.