Artificial boxwood makes your environment elegant and beautiful.

64 inches boxwood hedge

Want to create a refreshing reception area? Or want to split the office space? Or would you like to separate yourself from your neighbors? Then the artificial boxwood is definitely your best choice. Artificial boxwood does not require maintenance, and they are made of high quality plastic, can be anti-UV, or even 3 to 5 years do not fade.
When we are doing business, sometimes in order to add color to the commercial space, to the customer with the best feeling, we need lifelike artificial boxwood to complete the purpose. Boxwood is an all-weather eternal interior and exterior decorations that make your environment elegant and beautiful.

Since ancient times, boxwood has become one of the main ornaments in almost all the world’s gardens. In fact not only the garden, from the airport to the hotel, from the office to the restaurant, from the street to the mall, boxwood is everywhere.

Whether in life or in the office, if you have a dull space, then you must choose to use boxwood to decorate, no doubt that this is the best choice. It not only created a good visual effect, but also created a warm atmosphere.
High quality artificial boxwood is made of high-grade materials, the appearance is very realistic. If you are worried about the harsh weather conditions in your area, let us assure you that artificial canola will not lose its luster and beautiful leaves because of the sun’s exposure, heavy snow cover, rain erosion and windy raging, because they Is essentially anti-fading, and will continue to bring you joy until the future.

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  1. How much to ship myrtle panels to North central Arkansas, Mountain Home, US?
    Costs? for 4 boxes of 4 panels each, and will you send me some of your other panels for samples?
    I need samples so that I can decide what I would want to order in the future.

    Also how long do they last out doors in sunlight? Also How long will it take to receive my order from you?

    I thank you

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