Time to start decorating your house for Christmas with boxwood panels!

From the study of our customers’ feedback, we find that about 30% of them prefer to use our hedge walls/ boxwood panels in their balcony/ patio/ yard for many reasons. Our boxwood panels/hedge walls are perfect for holiday celebrations to used as photo shoots backdrop in your yard. They can also used to decorate your house and provide privacy and safety. Here are reasons why you can’t refuse our products:

Our boxwood panels/ hedge walls can beautify your places.

If you think your balcony is empty and way too simple, you want to add something to it but got no idea, please have a look at our boxwood panels/ hedge walls. A lot of our customers agreed that add some greenery in their places can make their room/ garden/ balcony more beautiful. If you put some adornments on it, you can transfer your balcony as a perfect selfie backdrop. Combine with the beautiful scenery surround you, what a wonderful place to take photos!

Our customers’ comments said:

  • “ So far so good. I will use it to install on my balcony. The colors are so green and vibrant. Will be using it for my instagram page mostly for that perfect, vibrant background.”

  • “We purchased two sets to cover our balcony fence and have received compliments from neighbors passing by. ”

  • “I’m in love with this product! I recommend 100% , I used for a backdrop. I can’t wait to use it for photo shoots.”

  • “ This product is easy to install, sturdy and looks like it’ll hold up to tropical weather. We used it to liven up our balcony and the outcome was absolutely gorgeous. Would purchase again.”

    Green plants can offer you a good mood.

    Everyone who saw how these boxwood panels/ hedge walls combine nature with daily life would admire it. That’s what our customers feels everyday. Green plants can make you feel relax and happy. A compliment by friends and strangers would brings you happiness all day. Here below are real feedbacks from our customers:

  • “I love these panels. They really bring some life to my balcony! ”

  • “Everyone who comes in to the apartment is overwhelmed with how much improved and even peaceful the atmosphere is because of it. It has so inspired me that I’m now putting in planters to add to the beauty of the space.”

  • “I have already received so many compliments on how beautiful this wall looks all thanks to this product. Highly recommend if your trying to spruce up your wall in your business or home. ”

  • “I get Tons of compliments whenever anyone comes over. Everyone thinks it’s real!”

  • “We wanted something to divide a new outdoor area, we hanged in our fence and this created the perfect mood. It looks amazing!”

    Boxwood panels/ hedge walls can divide places to provide privacy.

    Some customers first buy our products just for beautify their places, but they turns out using our boxwood panels/ hedge walls in their balcony/ patio/ backyard can separate their house from others. If you were tired of making eye contact with people pass by or don’t want your house to be seen through from the outside, our products can perfectly solve your trouble.

  • “We’ve always used a bamboo screen over an iron fence in our backyard to ensure privacy to our pool area. It’s always looked ok, but ordinary. This solution looks great! The extra greenery gives the area a nice pop.”

  • “My back porch is situated along a public bike path… the porch is on an incline, so the railing is above the eyeline when walking on the path. Sitting in my living room (next to my back door) with the door open, I was constantly making unwanted eye contact with passers-by. I was thinking of ways to make this space more private but all I could come up with was a big ugly camouflage net…. UNTIL I CAME ACROSS THESE and saw people’s photos. I absolutely Love the added privacy to my back porch. No more eye contact with strangers on the bike path.”

  • “These work great for privacy (good thickness) and easy to install.”

  • “Installed it on both sides of our patio gate for privacy and aesthetics. ”

    Our hedge walls/ boxwood panels can provide safety to your house.

    If you got kids/ dogs/ pets at home, our hedge walls would make your fence/ wall looks natural and more bounded. Your dogs/ pets won’t bark to the outside if someone passed by for they can only see the green plants. Your kids won’t cross through the fence anymore.

  • “Nice product adding it to my small fence area around my patio as my neighbors are OCD.” “Effect is awesome, I was looking for something to cover the fence, and that looks pretty natural.”

    So, if you want to add something at home for Christmas, our boxwood panels/ hedge walls can be you best choice! Don’t hesitate to buy our hedge walls/ boxwood panels according to your needs now!